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Who we are provides insights, reports and intelligence regarding tech businesses.
If you are a tech entrepreneur, freelancer, digital marketer or simply interested in tech businesses then you are at the right place.
We thrive to be your strategic partner for gathering for you high quality information at unprecendented low costs.
This is made possible thanks to our disruptive Lean Market Research methods and technologies.


Provide tech entrepreneurs and marketers with cutting edge insights and technologies at a fraction of the classical costs by designing and implementing disruptive market research techniques and tools.


Digitization and globalization are shaping a world where tech entrepreneurs and digital militants are occupying increasing economic & social weights and where they will need efficient and low cost market and social intelligence in order to make top strategic decisions for building a better living planet.


We fight for a better world where opportunities are granted for all, where earth resources are used with the highest care, where personal happiness comes before any greed blindness.

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