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5 amazing business facts you should know about the crazy race to space tourism

Space tourism is reviving humankind interest in space conquest. This can be true whether in the positive or negative sense. Numerous reasons were stated for justifying the big investments behind this amazing journey. In this post, we are interested mainly in the business side of space tourism. First financial numbers show that this market is certainly lucrative and has a nice potential, but definitely not that big. At least not as big as the original businesses of its main investors. In this framework, we gathered 5 major business facts that may justify, in a rational way, the main business motivations that are behind this new era of space conquest.

Google Books Project : From an absolute wonder to an unprecedented failure ?

The Google Books Project has stimulated since its creation, back in 2004, a lot of attention in both the positive and negative sides. In a nutshell, it’s a giant project that aims at building the biggest body of knowledge of all time. This is done through an unprecedented endeavor aiming at scanning and digitizing all the books of the planet in all languages and for all genres.