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The Complete Guide to Tech Product Management

Product Management is in increasing demand especially in the Tech world. This is due to its unique value that this role brings to the business where it’s implied. This value lies in the link that this role makes between the internal assets and external needs and realities of the market.This post introduces the role of Product Management by answering the three basic questions of What, Why and how Product Management is practiced.

The 4 Crucial Pillars of Product Management For Tech Businesses

Product Management is a highly exciting and rewarding career path. This is mainly due to the versatility of the domains that are involved in Product Management. Indeed, historically, Product management is the intersection between Business, Tech and User Experience (UX). During the last couple of decades, a fourth domain is added to this buckle that is Data. In this post, the four major domains of Product Management are presented and discussed. These four domains are Business, Tech, UX and Data.

The 10 Operational Components of Product Management For Tech Businesses

Product Management is a cross-disciplinary activity that makes it overwhelming to capture a clear and complete big picture of what a Product Manager is supposed to do from an operational point of view.In this framework, the main ten components that are involved in the operational sphere of a Product Manager are summarized and presented briefly.

Competitive Analysis for Product Managers and Business Analysts

Competitive analysis is a major component of any strategic endeavor. This is especially true for tech business owners, and business analysts.

In this post, major business models helping to sketch insightful competitive analysis are depicted.

The business models are grouped depending on 2 perspectives: The business perspective and the operational perspective.