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The Ultimate Report about the Business of e-Mental Health

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Report Summary

e-mental health market is considered as the digital version of psychology and mental health. This plain definition announces a highly strategic and promissing market. This post is The Ultimate Report about the Business of e-Mental Health.

The conducted research regarding Online Learning provides the main following outcomes:

  • Classical mental health solutions and infrastructures are not able to satisfy the demand
  • Only 44% of mental health demand is covered in the US
  • 46% of patients stae that they could not afford the costs of classical mental health therapies
  • The main value proposition of e-mental health is: low cost, accessibility and efficiency
  • Complex regulations is a major challenge for e-mental health providers
  • Gamification is a major future trend to e-mental health
  • The e-mental health market is estimated at $1B in 2021
  • The e-mental health market CAGR is estimated at 25% between 2021 and 2026
  • Meditation and mindfulness is the major component of e-mental health with 47% of market share
  • North America is the major consuler of e-mental health
  • A typical e-mental health development costs around $80k

Table of Contents of The Ultimate Report about the Business of e-Mental Health

  1. Introduction
    1. Scope and definition
    2. Marketing mix 4Ps analysis
    3. Related questions and e-searches
    4. e-Mental Health value proposition
    5. e-Mental Health market restraints
    6. e-Mental Health future trends
  2. Research Methodology
    1. Primary research
      1. Qualitative research
    2. Secondary research
      1. Quantitative research
      2. Qualitative research
  3. Market Structure
    1. Market size and trends
    2. Market segmentation by product type
    3. Geographic segmentation
    4. Audience segmentation
    5. Competitive landscape
    6. Main business models
  4. Outcomes & Conclusions
    1. SWOT analysis
    2. Porter’s 5 forces analysis
    3. Main findings and recommendations
    4. Discussion and open questions
  5. References

Research Methodology

The market research methodology is based on primary research and secondary research.

The primary research is based on qualitative observation and ethnography.

The latter uses Social Media insights and passive online focus groups.

These 2 methodologies belong to the toolset of lean market research.

For more information about Lean Market Research Methodology, please refer to the adequate resources from

The secondary Research Methodology is based on both qualitative and quantitative research.

Qualitative data is based on bibliography research or desk research eg articles, books, blogs, thought leaders reports etc.

Qualitative Research uses Open Data sources like Google Trends, Google Keyword planner, World bank Open data among others.

The open data is then used in combination with data science and machine learning tools in order to extract the essence of the information derived from this data.

All data sources used are referenced in the report and reported in the references section.

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