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The Ultimate Guide to Lean Questionnaire Preparation

In Brief

When it comes to lean market research, gathering data and information is key for preparing an actionable and insightful strategic study. In this framework, forms and questionnaires are a key asset. This is The Ultimate Guide to Lean Questionnaire Preparation.

This post focuses on the practical side of preparing a questionnaire. It embeds a hands-on video about how to concretely make this preparation.

What are questionnaires

Questionnaires stand for a list of questions or multiple choices asked to the respondents aiming at gathering mainly quantitative data.

Questionnaires are very efficient for gathering semi quantitative / qualitative data.

For instance Closed questions serve for quantitative analysis.

And Open questions serve for quantitative analysis.

Types of questions

The constitutive questions of a questionnaire can have numerous targets and types like:

  • Screening or classification questions: aiming at profiling the respondent wrt age, gender, location etc. Screening questionnaires are key for leveraging the answers as much as possible
  • Open or closed questions s seen previously
  • Behavioral or attitudinal questions that aim at analyzing the respondent psychologically wrt to a given concept, market or product

Keys for a successful questionnaire

In order to build a successful questionnaire, one has to follow some rules of good practice like:

  • Covering all the points of interest
  • Preparing the questionnaire through some preliminary studies
  • Unveil all the important subjects through the designed questions

Pros tips

  • The very first step for designing a questionnaire is to review the Step1 (Define) of the conducted study
  • This aims at making sure to cover all the targeted main objectives of the study
  • The questions are fine tuned during desk research and during  the primary research of Step3 especially through focus groups and experts depth interviews
  • Screening questions are vital for the consistency, usefulness and quality of the gathered data
  • Preparing the questionnaire is not a static endeavor, it’s a fully dynamic process
  • A questionnaire can be used as the final step among primary data gathering in Step3
  • This can be done in the framework of verifying / validating the main outcomes of the research
  • It can also be used for unveiling facts and new trends that were not covered by the study and that can open further questions for upcoming researches
  • A good balance between complexity and completeness should be found when preparing the questionnaire

Video tutorial for preparing a successful questionnaire

Here is a step by step practical video about The Ultimate Guide to Lean Questionnaire Preparation, enjoy!

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