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Top 9 Highly Lucrative and Easy Tech Businesses around Fifa World Cup 2022

In brief

Major international events are a gold mine for online entrepreneurs and digital marketers. The Football, or soccer, Fifa world cup starting on November 20th 2022 is not an exception. It’s even more than that, since the Fifa World cup is the most popular sport event in the world.This post aims at listing the Top 9 Highly Lucrative and Easy Tech Businesses around Fifa World Cup 2022.

The listed businesses are fully digital, hence they can be started from anywhere, wherever you are on the planet, and aim at serving anyone on the planet. 

No need for you or your customers to be one of the rare physical attendees of this great event. Indeed, you can take your share of that big cake from where you are. But this will require some hard work and some daring like any serious business on earth. Here is a summary of the top 9 ideas. Enjoy the post to uncover the ranking!

  • Print on Demand (PoD)
  • Amazon FBA
  • Graphic design service
  • Stock photography
  • Paid ads management
  • Social media management
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Survey and primary data collection
  • Content writer


The FIFA Football World Cup is one of the most popular sporting events in the world. It’s a rare event that occurs once each 4 years. 

The last world cup held in Russia in 2018 had 3.57 billion viewers. A typical world cup total revenue is $5.6B and costs typically $1B for its organization. In addition, 95% of the event revenues come from the sale of television, marketing, hospitality and licensing rights.

All these numbers show the huge economic size of this opportunity.

The great news is that, as an online entrepreneur, you can have a nice piece of that sweet cake!

Let’s start the ranking of the Top 9 Highly Lucrative and Easy Tech Businesses around Fifa World Cup 2022. The final provided ranking is a short list of ideas selected among a 50+ original raw list. The Top 9 that is shared in this post is done by taking into account 5 criteria:

  • Difficulty: It stands for how difficult it’s to start that business from scratch including the steepness of the learning curve.
  • Competition: It assesses how fierce the competition is in that field.
  • Initial budget: It assesses how much money do you need to build that business from scratch.
  • Fun: It assesses how funny it is to work on a daily basis on that business.
  • Profit: Even if numerous entrepreneurs do business for a higher purpose than money, let’s be honest, in our highly capitalistic world, money is the very first key performance indicator for the success of any venture!

Each business is ranked based on its average assessment taking into account the five criteria above.

The ranking is performed from the 9th to the 1st position to maintain the suspense as much as possible!

9th Best Business: Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing stands for proposing others’ digital products to a qualified audience and have commissions of the performed sales. 

This business model is particularly powerful during such big events especially if the business owner already has an online audience. 

This online audience can come from a website, an Instagram profile or a Youtube channel to name just a few. 

The business owner will then have to seek for a good digital product that fits well with his audience and to propose his affiliate link for them to purchase. This is even more powerful if the business owner has an audience that is related to sports, football, fashion or any other related industry.

  • Average ranking: 5.6/10
    • Difficulty: Rather easy, 6/10
    • Competition: Fierce competition, 3/10
    • Initial budget: Rather affordable business, 5/10
    • Fun: Very pleasant, 9/10
    • Profit: Moderately profitable, 5/10

8th Best Business: Stock photography

Stock photography stands for creating digital photos and proposing them for sale on dedicated online platforms. Preparing photography listings with the theme of the world cup is highly lucrative. This is because of the big and urgent need that many businesses encounter in this period especially for their digital marketing and branding endeavors.

  • Average ranking: 5.8/10
    • Difficulty: Rather easy, 7/10
    • Competition: Fierce competition, 2/10
    • Initial budget: Very cheap business, 9/10
    • Fun: Very pleasant, 9/10
    • Profit: Low profit, 2/10

7th Best Business: Social media management

Digital marketing is a very vast domain that contains among others the social media part. Social media management stands for organizing the editorial calendar on a given set of social media platforms. Successful businesses know very well that an impactful social media presence should be planned and executed efficiently by the right people. These same businesses know as well the high economic potential of such a big event and how it can be an invaluable opportunity to connect and engage their current and future customers. Consequently, this event is a clear opportunity for social media managers. 

  • Average ranking: 5.8/10
    • Difficulty: Rather easy, 6/10
    • Competition: Fierce competition, 3/10
    • Initial budget: Very cheap business, 9/10
    • Fun: Very pleasant, 8/10
    • Profit: Rather low profit, 3/10

6th Best Business: Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is an e-commerce business model. The business owner produces his merchandise and sends it to Amazon warehouses. The business owner has then to create his Amazon shop to propose his products on the first digital retainer on the planet. 

Once an order is placed by a customer, Amazon fulfills it from the preparation of the order until the shipment to the customer. The business owner receives the payment and pays off Amazon FBA a commission out of that sale.

During major events like the football world cup, numerous goodies and electronic devices witness a peak of sales. Examples of these products are: Televisions, sportswear, football scarfs, football nets to name a few. 

  • Average ranking: 6/10
    • Difficulty: Very difficult, 4/10
    • Competition: Moderately competitive, 5/10
    • Initial budget: Moderately expensive, 5/10
    • Fun: Very pleasant, 8/10
    • Profit: Highly profitable, 8/10

5th Best Business: Paid ads management

Digital marketing in general and online paid ads in particular are a main sweet spot for paid ads experts. Since the online presence is highly competitive for many businesses, they know that they better have the skillful paid ads manager on their side. In addition, online ads have a direct impact on the online sales. Hence it’s very easy for a really good online paid ads manager to negotiate his bills and commissions.

  • Average ranking: 6.2/10
    • Difficulty: Rather easy, 6/10
    • Competition: Non negligeable competition, 4/10
    • Initial budget: Needs some initial resources eg $3k, 5/10
    • Fun: Very pleasant, 7/10
    • Profit: Highly lucrative, 9/10

4th Best Business: Graphic design service

Graphic design services stand for preparing and delivering digital arts for businesses. Graphic design services have a wide range of applications like web and mobile design, brand identity definition, logo creation, social media posts designs to name a few. 

The world cup event is a huge opportunity for many businesses to reconnect with their customers and to acquire new ones, even for those businesses that don’t belong to the footballistic circle. 

Hence the need for graphic designers that allow them to bring that event flavor to their branding is a must. This makes this event a clear opportunity for graphic design professionals.

  • Average ranking: 6.6/10
    • Difficulty: Rather easy, 6/10
    • Competition: Fierce competition, 2/10
    • Initial budget: Cheap business, 9/10
    • Fun: Very pleasant, 9/10
    • Profit: Rather profitable, 7/10

3rd Best Business: Print on Demand (PoD)

PoD is a relatively new tech business model of e-commerce. It stands for creating designs and uploading them in dedicated marketplaces. These marketplaces make the link between the designer and the final customer. 

Once a customer purchases the design, the marketplace proceeds in printing the design on a support chosen by the customer. 

This support can be a T-Shirt, a mug, a poster, a mask among many other apparels. Once the purchase is done through the marketplace, the designer receives a commission. The commission ranges often between 10 and 30% of the T-Shirt price.

Especially during such emotional events, potential customers look for equipment of different kinds to show and celebrate their tribe. Hence this event is a clear opportunity for PoD business owners.

  • Average ranking:6.8/10
    • Difficulty: Very easy, 9/10
    • Competition: Very competitive, 3/10
    • Initial budget: Very cheap, 9/10
    • Fun: Very pleasant, 9/10
    • Profit: Lowly profitable, 4/10

2nd Best Business: Survey and primary data collection

Many corporations and organizations, whether public or private, seek primary quantitative and qualitative data. This aims at gathering as much market intelligence as possible in order to take the best business decisions at the right time. 

Examples of such business decisions are: What are the plans of the competition during this major event, what are the needs and expectations of their customers especially during the world cup, what promotional channels and messages would be the most effective among other business decisions. 

Consequently, it’s highly valuable for such businesses to find the right skilled entrepreneurs that can gather insightful and high quality data for them through surveys, interviews or focus groups.

  • Average ranking: 6.8/10
    • Difficulty: Rather doable, 6/10
    • Competition: No big competition, 7/10
    • Initial budget: Rather cheap business, 8/10
    • Fun: Very pleasant, 8/10
    • Profit: Moderately profitable, 5/10

1st Best Business: Content writer

Content writing stands for writing online marketing materials like blog posts, e-books or sales copies among others. This is a subdomain of digital marketing. Because of the booming of the latter during such major events, businesses do need more than ever specialized writers that can produce engaging and valuable writing contents. 

Indeed, these written contents are the ammunition for these businesses during their digital conquest during such big events. Consequently, the need for such content writers is very clear during these circumstances. 

  • Average ranking: 7/10
    • Difficulty: Rather easy, 6/10
    • Competition: More or less fierce competition, 5/10
    • Initial budget: Very cheap business, 9/10
    • Fun: Very pleasant, 9/10
    • Profit: Rather profitable, 6/10

To conclude

That was the Top 9 Highly Lucrative and Easy Tech Businesses around Fifa World Cup 2022. We tried to make this ranking as objective as possible but of course it’s not an exact science. 

The ranking is also based on the average assessment. If you see that there are some criteria that are more important to you like profit or fun, you can deduce your own preferences based on your own opinion. 

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on it and to give more tech business ideas for such huge international events!


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